Window of Within

Cover:  Window of Within- LIFE
Window of Within: LIFE
Inspiring minds to live  Come along for the journey of self-evolvement.  For those of us confused, alone, seeking some sense of “purpose” and existence in the world, in the eyes of “a calling.”  In the eyes of a transitioning of understanding the world upon which we live, the Window of Within LIFE will offer you a sensible and straight-forward relatable perspective in dealing with and rising above feelings and emotions hindering your destiny.

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Cover:  WIndow of Within- LOVE

Window of Within:  LOVE
 Just the kind of inspiration you need to gain confidence and perseverance in all that you know to exist within your heart.  We reach into the eyes of love.  It needn’t matter whether you’ve found love… it’s all about hope… faith… and someday.This book shows you how to stand strong in faith and determined in belief for what you want in life.

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Cover:  Window of Within- GOD
Window of Within:  GOD
When you think you just can’t go on, there’s fear in the struggle, wavering, confidence faltering, when you ask yourself, “Where’s my lifeline?” whatever the issue may be, the words in spirit say, “I’m not forsaken.”  Take the journey of faith beyond what’s seen.  Take the quest of purpose meant to uphold itself, up the path, across the bridge to new beginnings. This book will help you figure out what to do when you don't know what to do.  Find yourself uplifted by the words of a soul in search of "a calling" and life meant to be, LIVED.

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Cover:  Window of Within- NATURE

Window of Within: NATURE
Relaxing, tranquil, take a breath; take many moments to unwind here upon nature’s window of within.  You’ll find an inner peace and calmness, more than a many smiles to compliment a well needed happiness.  You’ll find love and friendship befits the atmosphere here in living the words of gratitude amidst this marvelous earth – the creation. Find your passion; find happiness, and live life on PURPOSE.

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The entire Window of Within (series) is available now in paperback.

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Window of Within (paperback)
  • ISBN-10: 0982549679
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982549674

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