Inspiration.  I've been thinking about this for days now... Actually not a moment goes by without realizing the impact of this creative inspiration while I'm writing and designing...and I'm truly in awe and homage to those other creative individuals that bring such beautiful and amazing compositions from their own inspiration and intuitive insight.

I realize all the time, how much music brings forth a kind of energy and insight into creating.  Nature parallels this, in its atmosphere and dwelling in its state of Zen-like peace.

I've been listening to a lot of John Mayer's music... especially those songs like War of My Life, Why Georgia, Clarity... (to name a few) that give me the drive to continue and resonate with a "don't give up" and energetic vibe that builds a determination and perseverance in light of the present moment.

Its moments like these that I appreciate the contributions of the truly talented creative individuals of the world.  Whether it be musicians, composers and arrangers, artists, writers, painters... the beauty in nature and the music to these ears well compliments any creative endeavor worth pursuing.

Whatever it is that you think or believe you have a "calling" for... you can't give up on it.  You'll regret not trying.  You'll regret what might have been.  Should you really and truly care... you will allow this inspiration, whatever your inspiration is to carry you forward.  Life didn't say the road was left without curves or graveled pavement... up or downs... acceptance or rejection... yes and no... Life never said it would be easy, but then again what would you rather have?  The easy route or the route much more satisfying.

The point I want to make here is...
Good music all around just makes you feel better!

(Notice the emphasis on "good"...
In my opinion, this constitutes lyrically and/or melodically enjoyable).

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