The start of something new...

Today marks the day of the initial posting to my new blog.  I contemplated over the right name that would encompass the main theme of all I want to say... all I want this site to represent, which of course is about...Life.  But not just life... I want readers to feel a sense of uplifting... I want you to walk away feeling better than you did before you read the words of "Live Happy Live Life" ...perhaps even a smile, a transformed thought or new way of thinking to get you on the course to your destiny, to that purpose or calling, for that which we all live and exist for.

Happiness means different things to different people.  I contend its varying definition based upon the wavelength we reside upon.  Depending upon whatever chaos or confusion exists in your life – perhaps happiness is nothing more than a day of peace... those moments of Zen to sip that delightful cup of tea – savoring it moment by moment.  Perhaps it's nothing more than taking the time to unwind... noticing, taking the time to savor that sunrise before rushing off tending to the cares of the day.  As these cares can and will have you out of "balance" mentally, spiritually and otherwise should you allow life to carry you in a direction you don't care to follow.

Anyway, I finally decided on, "Live Happy Live Life" as the central theme because I truly believe that before we can LIVE life (notice the emphasis), we must first deal with those feelings and emotions tempting us (sometimes more than we care to) of eluding happiness.  Sometimes, those emotions tempt to drive the waves in another direction off the course to living a destiny... a purpose... a calling.

This site... from this blog and everything in between its pages, I hope you find a greater sense of enlightenment, and share your happiness... a kind hand... a kind suggestion to a world in need of a greater peace and humanity.

Wherever you are upon your own life's template, don't worry – we haven't always the answers, as long as we at least take another step closer upon our journey in where we are meant to be.

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