Sources of Inspiration

I've already mentioned some of these sources in other posts...

But here I want to mention the absolutely inspiring spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer.  He has written volumes of books on such topics including the Tao Te Ching, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life and The Power of Intention.

I have particularly enjoyed his PBS specials as well as his audio teachings for his varied spiritual enlightenment and in finding "a calling."  Speaking of the latter, his teachings have been especially instrumental as I sought my own life's quest years ago.  I listened to his teachings for hours and days and even for years I've been playing them as the need arises to reinvent and re-associate the meanings of being (why we are here on this earth and purposeful existence) as he so eloquently describes as The Shift from the morning to the afternoon of our lives.

His lectures are deeply philosophical and enlightening for those that want to evaluate and deem their lives needing more.  For those that are willing to take the time to seek God and/or a higher power to find what is missing in life.  His lectures get you to think about life from a higher awareness and a higher consciousness... not as you knew it, but allowing yourself to be on this wavelength of inner peace to find out and discover more within yourself.

I have truly been inspired by his teachings as my own writings have touched upon this general need and desire to help individuals become more in tune with their greater self.  You as the reader or listener of either of our works shouldn't assume there is or will be a blatant and outright answer to your problems and/or a solution to your living the life you want to live.  His writings, just as in my own will get you to think deeper.  To comb the depths of your soul into realizing more that you want out of life, and to realizing that your thinking and behaviors have hindered yourself from getting there.

These sources of inspiration take the form of a journey... and with a journey - it takes time, dedication and commitment.  It takes a serious will to demand more of oneself, and to be determined to make it to the destination.

The Idiot Screen

I find TV these days absolutely appalling.  Sure, there are selective channels and TV shows palatable and quite entertaining, but "the idiot screen" runs the gamut.  Idiotic commercials, lots of repetitive nonsense, let alone the types of advertising are inappropriate and nauseous to the conscious viewer who wants tasteful and uplifting entertainment.

The conscious (and sensible) viewer will find themselves either channel surfing for what seems like a duration to find some decent programming or either settling amongst the select few options (- depending upon tastes and preferences).

It's something to see these changes entertainment has taken over the decades; especially from the dawn of the new century, what is considered allowable and acceptable for broadcasting to audiences.  Wouldn't society be much better off with television that would enhance the mind rather than demoralize and heighten the paranoia of fear, anxiety, worry and exacerbation of distraught circumstances and situations considered 'entertaining' these days.

There's a paradox between an acceptance of standards in how a nation, let alone a world should behave, and the outright and blatant misuse of a global and pertinent means of communication. 

TV used to be a place of refuge... a means for relaxation and winding down after a day at school or work... looking forward to a story or a television show that would make us laugh, think and possibly give us insight into our own lives.  It was a time when "going to the movies" was an event and experience.  It's not just about theater popcorn or theater "sound" that kept us coming back... it was an experience for our souls and our beings to accept and receive this kind of fun and uplifting we needed to give us the momentum and satisfaction that made living life and dealing with life's issues a little more palatable.  It was the coming and going of something new that lived up to the humor that gave us variety in programming for all ages and audiences.  It was the days when television and entertainment all together just made more sense.

It's purely a shame, especially for young children that weren't a part of the eras of better entertainment.  Once a society finally gets some sense again and can think beyond their medicated brains, maybe in time they'll be a coming together of mindful people that speak with their remote controls as a viewing audience that will refuse to allow "The Idiot Screen" to overtake and influence their lives or their family.

Tuning In...

Speaking of inspiration…

Tuning in to the late show this Wednesday through Friday for John Mayer’s host appearance on CBS…


Inspiration.  I've been thinking about this for days now... Actually not a moment goes by without realizing the impact of this creative inspiration while I'm writing and designing...and I'm truly in awe and homage to those other creative individuals that bring such beautiful and amazing compositions from their own inspiration and intuitive insight.

I realize all the time, how much music brings forth a kind of energy and insight into creating.  Nature parallels this, in its atmosphere and dwelling in its state of Zen-like peace.

I've been listening to a lot of John Mayer's music... especially those songs like War of My Life, Why Georgia, Clarity... (to name a few) that give me the drive to continue and resonate with a "don't give up" and energetic vibe that builds a determination and perseverance in light of the present moment.

Its moments like these that I appreciate the contributions of the truly talented creative individuals of the world.  Whether it be musicians, composers and arrangers, artists, writers, painters... the beauty in nature and the music to these ears well compliments any creative endeavor worth pursuing.

Whatever it is that you think or believe you have a "calling" for... you can't give up on it.  You'll regret not trying.  You'll regret what might have been.  Should you really and truly care... you will allow this inspiration, whatever your inspiration is to carry you forward.  Life didn't say the road was left without curves or graveled pavement... up or downs... acceptance or rejection... yes and no... Life never said it would be easy, but then again what would you rather have?  The easy route or the route much more satisfying.

The point I want to make here is...
Good music all around just makes you feel better!

(Notice the emphasis on "good"...
In my opinion, this constitutes lyrically and/or melodically enjoyable).

Time off - continued

Time off is a good thing. 
I'm going to be to the point about this...
I don't much care for all this blogging.  I do think it's a total waste of time.  I'd taken much time off as you can see... writing, designing... and just trying or attempting to rethink my way out of what 'they' say should be done to 'make it' as a writer.  I don't care about all that.  All I care about is continuing to do my thing, and that is writing and designing among other things that I happen to think of like writing children's books.  Had I been consumed with what 'they' say to do, I very much doubt I would have taken the time, or had the peace of mind to come up with such inspiration that always continues to inspire me and put a smile on my face as I write it. 
I'll play it by ear with this blog.  I'm not saying I'm totally against it.  I'm saying it's not my focus and I may occasionally drop a line or two should I happen to think about doing so.
You can still feel free to visit or comment, as I will attempt to become more motivated based upon the Internet presence.  (Still reasonably at leisure maintaining a Zen-type focus of course).

Time off

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