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Being a writer... is worth it.

It's not easy being a writer – figuring your way in its world.  It's for the dedicated few determined to see their wisdom set aside from a dream.  It's for the persevering that can see ahead no matter the challenges – no matter the hurdles or a hundred questions baffling the mind of how to overcome.

Being a writer is worth it.  It's worth the effort... in knowing that you must and will see your words rise above that den of creation.  It's worth the time and energy to see everything you've toiled over... everything you gained a sense of pleasure writing, rise beyond that bookshelf to a greater surface meaning.

It's worth it... only time will tell to the many or perhaps few who brave its waters intense... who brave the waters when you're the only one that can see the destination of clarity.  It's worth it to know within your own heart you could think of doing nothing else – you rise with a passion and knowing... even if your words touched one soul – it's more than you had before you put pen to paper.

Ask Yourself...

Many of us have been faced with the thought of giving up.  There isn't necessarily a right or wrong way... an answer or solution to an issue or problem that has satisfied few or none at all.  These are the countless decisions we're faced with as writers...

But one of the main question's to ask yourself is... forget the criticism, the notion of seeing anything from your work plausible in your eyes, and just think about the feelings you have from writing and what if and regardless of if you ever 'make it' can you be content with the fact of just writing?  Faced with yourself alone in a room, are you satisfied enough that you forget about how anything and everything looks concerning the anticipated and optimistic future you realized for yourself and your career in this business.
The real question is, not that you will ever have the outcome in the time table you estimated.  Sometimes, it takes a little longer than we thought it would.  We usually need to take more time to develop skills and conjure up new ideas in inspiration.  One good thought is to not worry about it, and just let inspiration happen.  Just allow and not become frustrated when you think you're not getting anywhere.  If you love this 'writing' thing enough, you'll come to terms with (or maybe you won't) the fact that rejection, perceived failure, (notice - "perceived" and other obstacles or roadblocks can't and won't hinder your true definition of success.  And success is defined as we ourselves see it.  So ask yourself, what are the reasons you're in this for... and are you going to allow hindrances to block your path or are you going to make your best effort and never stop writing.  Regardless, it's important to be in a state of peace to let the ideas flow and to take a more relaxed approach at finding and knowing one's own direction and path because our life's template doesn't reside upon any other but our own.

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