Sunset and Serenity

Happiness and peace correlate a nature of existence here
upon earth's atmosphere as we delight in... the creation.

"The hammock says wait swing yourself just embrace the sunset...
The sunset says peace be to you and then it closes its eyes yet another time
We're left with the memories of a photographic mind until next time let's remember sunset and serenity is just what you need –indeed."

Excerpt "Sunset and Serenity"
From Window of Within NATURE

The simple things
There are simple things in life to enjoy when the Earth’s Song sings when we are spoken to through the majestic view of a sunset and a sunrise.  The hello of a chirping bird; the sound of the wind but yet not seeing the wind only its effect; the sound of rain on a rainy day; the fluffiness and untattered palette of powdery freshly fallen snow as it is happening.  These simple pleasures seem to calm us and slow us down to finally take notice of the peace, tranquilly and what truly matters in life.  What do you remember in this realm that brought you joy, peace, stillness and a different view of life? 

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