Children's Books

Children's Books
by Nicole Anderson (Author, Illustrator)

The Lollipop That No One Wanted To Buy (Ages 4-12)
Develop your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and explore what being a real friend is all about. Teach your child the value in giving instead of greed through simple monetary principles.

Learn the lessons of the lollipop’s struggle to feel ‘wanted’ and sought out by the need for friendship. We all want to have friends, and we want to feel that someone cares. Loneliness is a part of life. We’re not always good at dealing with it or realizing why we’re not always liked for ‘who we are.’ Blending business literacy with monetary principles, the lollipop’s story isn’t all its own, as it guides your child into understanding that we really are likeable in a sense that we ourselves don’t always know or realize it because we’re hiding behind our ‘wrapper’ …our exterior that shelters the outside world from the real and likeable ‘us.’ 

This is a children’s story that places real meaning and value on the core definition of who we are is not what everyone thinks about us, it’s what we think about ourselves. When you share this story, your child will be inspired to know and realize his or her own self-worth and value, just like the lollipop that no one wanted to buy. 

Seasons:  There is a reason for everything (Ages 4-12)
Develop your child’s faith and belief system to understand why things in life don’t always happen when we want them to. Teach your child that giving up is not the answer to life’s difficulties… there is value and meaning to applying faith in the seasons of life. 

Come along on a journey through the Seasons… 

There are times in our lives when we can’t seem to find the way to tackle life’s challenges… when the world outside doesn’t always respond the way we want it to. This book parallels our life with the seasons of life, revealing how much we can learn from nature and similarly how the spiritual realm nourishes the trees and flowers (from seed to maturity), how we too are nourished to believe that things are happening for us although we don’t always know anything is happening. 

Children need to know these core principles early on, not to rely on man or what they ‘believe’ with the human eye, but with a knowing there is a force greater than us that knows our dreams, hears our prayers of any time, day or night. Your child will regain a new understanding of belief in the eyes of faith. 

This book will help your child, and be of value to parents that can relate to the story of the seasons all of us share. 

The Wisdom Tree (Ages 4-12)
Encourage your child to embrace his or her uniqueness and learn to embrace the qualities that build a confident character. Develop your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and inner strength. Learn faith-based principles to enrich your child's life in believing just like the wisdom tree, that who we are is not depicted in the eyes of another, but rather our differences are enlightened by the wisdom that we know and believe of ourselves. 

Teach your child the importance in individuality and refraining from the need to belong. Children need to find the value in themselves and adapt the lessons from the wisdom tree. This book simply evolves from a story of faith into finding that we all need to find that who we are is who God has destined us to become.

Hummingbird:  Flutter Your Way Home (Ages 4-12)
Encourage your child's imagination and confidence to embrace creativity, and learn to nurture inner strength in times of loneliness. Teach your child the value in embracing nature and the calming and friendly spirit that resides in it. 

Imagination is key. Exploration is fundamental in young minds to grow and develop. 

Nature is our comforter. Our healer... Our friend when we need it to be. Nature is the peace in our spirit just like the hummingbird's flight when it finds the way back to us. Hummingbird: Flutter Your Way Home teaches your child to find nature as fun and a delight throughout the seasons. 

Hummingbird: Flutter Your Way Home is an illustrative and beautiful picture book of friendship and the seasons for all ages to enjoy, and a delightful read during the changing seasons. 

Sea Of Dreams (Ages 4-12)
Develop your child's faith and belief system to know God's presence. There are times in our lives when things don't appear to be "happening" ...when it seems that our prayers have gone unanswered that we are likely to doubt and can sometimes begin to question God's presence. We are likely to believe in the natural... what we "see" rather than believing with our hearts in God's power and capability to deliver us. 

In this story of faith, your child will learn the virtues of "belief" and "knowing" that God does hear us. Teach your child spiritual confidence and belief early in life to develop and build upon the faith that is needed to live in today's world. Your child will benefit in knowing God's presence has never and will never forsake them. 

Children need to know and "believe" God is present in their life, and that their needs are met by Him, and not in man. This book will enlighten your child to believe and know that the impossible can and will be made possible by God. 

The story of the Sea of Dreams parallels the sea with nature and God's presence in everything around us, reflecting the spiritual nature in how He speaks to us. Sea of Dreams is a beautiful and delightfully illustrated book that will get your child more in touch with his or her faith... to believe in God for the "little things" that will build upon faith at an early age to sustaining a stronger faith throughout your child's spiritual life. 

Spoken Like A Rose (Ages 4-12)

Within every child is a story of uniqueness... a life brought upon the earth waiting to blossom and grow into the destiny God has for each of us. But sometimes, we aren't confident enough to embrace this destiny or to embrace the "growing" and "blossoming" into who we are meant to be. 

Through beautiful illustrations and colorful imagery, the story Spoken Like A Rose comes to life to encourage your child to "blossom" into the flower he or she is meant to be. Teach your child the value in embracing those unique qualities that make each of us who we are and the value in finding and treasuring what it is we all could learn to have more of... fun and kindness. And to be the "true rose" we're meant to be and blossom into. 

Spoken Like A Rose will inspire your child's imagination and exploration to grow and develop into the beautiful creation your child is meant to be. This book is a delightful read that will put a smile on your child's face and is a delight for all ages to enjoy. 

What Does Your Garden Grow? (Ages 4-12)
Instill positive values in your child and discover character-building attributes that promote heightened confidence and inner strength for living in today's world. 

What Does Your Garden Grow? Asks the question concerning what values and virtues exist in your child's heart, as a way of reflecting the inner mirror of ourselves. This story explores the many ways in which our "garden" grows that which is reflected within us. Whether it is kindness, gladness, or the beauty that we see within ourselves, and the world around us, What Does Your Garden Grow seeks to explore the infinite nature of instilling and ensuring your child has the heart of a flourishing garden. 

Through this beautifully illustrated story, children are encouraged to discover "what their garden grows" paralleling the nature and idealism of a garden befitting that which is planted within it, blossoming and growing into the destiny God has for each of us. 

This book will self-assure your child into believing and knowing that the virtues associated with a "garden" parallel our own lives, as in nature... a beautiful garden is a reflection of every seed planted, just as we model our own "garden" from the seeds we plant in character. 

Beautiful illustrations bring the garden to life, inspiring your child to see the "garden" of their heart and build the sustaining confidence and self-esteem to reflect life's positive attributes, including kindness and friendship. Within your child is the nature to "grow" into God's beautiful creation. 

Promote positive values in your child now to face living in this world. These books are fun reads anytime… with the whole family… before bedtime… or as self-reads for older children. Teachers… Educators will find these valuable resources for teaching core values to individual students and entire classes. 

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