The Landscape of Life & Quest for Self

Where is the light?... What is the meaning to life?...
The journey of self isn't without doubt, worry or disbelief,

however someway transcribing itself of faith and belief.
Let this landscape of life be your landscape of light,
for there is a
purpose and happiness for those who seek to have it.

LIFE...Inspiration... Life's wisdom...
It's about the journey, and finding the path
of which happiness and well-being exist upon.

Life's been trying to say... it's not too late.
I know we can all get caught up in the, what should I do?... when should I... how do I know if I've found my calling?  Just think about this – as you're sitting in that cube surrounded by 4 walls and a ceiling, as you're staring out onto that blank canvas with nothing at all but a list of tyranny – of things to do that you don't care to do.  Just think of all that you'd rather be doing.  Is it worth it?  Ask yourself, is survival in the form of you've been living worth more than peace of mind?  Is it worth more than "purpose" and a calling?

Well, "a calling" needn't knock at your door – you feel it – you sense it – in all that you do – in all that you are.  For some reason we'll never be content with a blatant existence just for the sake of survival – watching others live their dreams, wishing we could somehow rise above the fear and/or apprehension to do that which our soul calls us to.  I know more than well, we can easily put it off – another day or two.

We can easily get caught up in all that's around us, noticing another month... another year has lapsed before we've even begun to live anything but a dream.  Remember – time waits for no one.  Remember – the maze or obstacle course needn't seem as one for a heart guideth and you will never be satisfied.  You will only live of regret and wonder for what would've been or happened – should you'd taken a step.  Yes – maybe there's failure – of course they're mistakes along the journey – although with faith, a little persistence, some tears and perhaps some anger as well to serve as a duly reminder of not – never backing down from that dream – as those thoughts will attempt to succumb you to the depths of its stream.  Remember – to swim you must step out of the boat – You must traverse its waters in order to thrive and live.

Sit back and allow life to speak to you.
[Life's been trying to say imagine]

What is that gift (your calling) you've been suppressing for the sake of survival?  Have you found your way around a mind that says, it's not too late.

Interesting huh?
Interesting how we are born and there is nothing really teaching how to live life at its best, we just stumble onto paths and into ditches and wonder, how did we get here.  We wonder, how did life venture off its course, and if and when it will ever get any better.  We wonder or think to ourselves, "I wish someone had told me" ... "Why didn't someone say life would be like this."

We sometimes think, if we could somehow summon our younger self and seek to warn or advise of life's intricacies and perhaps steer ourselves upon a better path.  And perhaps find our way out of those ditches sooner, rather than later.

If you could seek your younger self, what would you say?  What words of advice or wisdom would you inherently attribute to this "new you?"

Or maybe somehow, you were fortunate to see the light early on by way of your own intrinsic nature, or a wiser soul in your presence that shed some light upon life's course.  If this is the case, what were the core thoughts or beliefs that taught you how to live life "better and happier" ... what words of wisdom were you told to live a life of enlightenment, meaning and purpose?

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