We write a special kind of love

A friend's laughter... a smile of the ages
Live for love – appreciate each other
A journey of life and love fate would have you to know...
We knew someday love would find us.

There is always cause to live with love.
What is love?…by societal definition …Love is an intense affectionate concern for another person; a strong affection for or attachment to another person based on regard or shared experiences or interests.  

It's that kind of love you have with another person, when you can't stop thinking about them.  When you feel a destined connection drawn two hearts together not always with explanation.  It's the love of the one who's always been by your side... the one you can count on that would never turn their back, always loyal and trustworthy.  It's the love of a friend that makes you smile when you need it.  It's that bird in mid air that reminds you of gratitude and the beauty and love you have for nature and one of the most beautiful creations you could ever set your sights upon.

It's love regardless the source sensible in fact.  It's the love of self and a pure confidence and happiness for every breath given.

What do you love about life? ...What loves are you grateful for?  How did this love come about in your life?  How did love find you or how did you find love?

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