Time off - continued

Time off is a good thing. 
I'm going to be to the point about this...
I don't much care for all this blogging.  I do think it's a total waste of time.  I'd taken much time off as you can see... writing, designing... and just trying or attempting to rethink my way out of what 'they' say should be done to 'make it' as a writer.  I don't care about all that.  All I care about is continuing to do my thing, and that is writing and designing among other things that I happen to think of like writing children's books.  Had I been consumed with what 'they' say to do, I very much doubt I would have taken the time, or had the peace of mind to come up with such inspiration that always continues to inspire me and put a smile on my face as I write it. 
I'll play it by ear with this blog.  I'm not saying I'm totally against it.  I'm saying it's not my focus and I may occasionally drop a line or two should I happen to think about doing so.
You can still feel free to visit or comment, as I will attempt to become more motivated based upon the Internet presence.  (Still reasonably at leisure maintaining a Zen-type focus of course).

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