Show Me The Way... Bridge to New Beginnings

What should I do?  When you don't know what to do... when life seems confusing, find that place of peace that will show you the way and form the bridge to new beginnings.

"Grow silent find what's inside us go behold its brewing with a knowing rather than stewing over silence that has taken its turn cause this is a fleeting memory of the times that just brought so much to life such perspective shedding much light had this stillness never existed one may never have known what great gifts to bestow what was inside to take shape to transition this life into the greatest most promising future only few experience in a lifetime."

Excerpt "Silence has taken its turn"
From A thousand miles of Paradise- Nature & Spirituality

The speaking of spirit
The speaking through to your spirit through the beauty of a flower and it’s intricacies... the detail of a flower's every petal to its stem and fragrance... autumn – a season's landscape a kaleidoscope couldn't even capture... trees varying shades of earth, stalks of texture arched with its color, shape and bark. Weeping willows, cherry blossoms, crape myrtles... Nature – amazing to the senses.  The crispness of fall, sounds of leaves carousing with the wind, colorfully swirling about, walking through autumn's landscape.

As you are gardening while your hands are working with the earth’s soil covering and underneath this earth’s covering there is another miraculous system which sustains itself for the growing of what we picturesquely see as we move about outdoors.

It's the simplest things. It's the peaceful journey of meditative thought, walking upon these days of fall. It's the path of a wilderness that brings a soul in tune with the creation.

Do you find, that in these peaceful moments... a greater source speaking to your subconscious? Do you find that you are given a sense of guidance in this state of calming peace? Do you notice an unction, an urging to follow-through with something... a nudging perhaps to take that step upon a path of belief.

When has spirituality proven its testament in your life because you acted out of fear and took a step in courage in that you're living life closer to your dreams?

How are you spoken to spirituality?  In other words, a knowing to do something or to take action?  When or how were you spoken to spiritually which made a difference in your life?

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